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What is a Baby Nurse?

A Baby Nurse is an experienced trained infant/newborn specialist who comes into your home in the first weeks of your infant’s life to assist Mom and Dad with the day-to-day care of their new baby.  A Baby Nurse has extensive practical experience with newborns, and current knowledge of accepted practices in newborn care, including lactation support, Infant CPR certification, and the proper use of car seats.

The duration of the Baby Nurse's time in your home will be your decision.  The position of Baby Nurse is temporary in nature. A typical assignment will range between 2 - 8 weeks, longer for preemies and special needs infants. The Baby Nurse works a 24-hour shift by arrangement.

In the months leading up to your due date, your Baby Nurse will be in constant contact with you, monitoring your progress and discussing your individualized needs. In general, your Baby Nurse can be waiting for you and your new arrival upon the homecoming from the hospital, or can accompany you from the hospital; it's entirely your preference.

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Will I Need a Baby Nurse (RN)?

Some babies face unusual challenges in the first months of their lives. Prematurely, genetic disorders or other medical conditions can present life-threatening risks to these infants. Discharge from the hospital indicates that your child has overcome the most serious threat to his or her young life, yet many infants require close monitoring and care by a knowledgeable, trained and experienced Baby Nurse. While some premature babies do need close monitoring and care, having an RN in lieu of a Baby Nurse should be based on the advice of your pediatrician. While our  Baby Nurses are not registered nurses,  we have had experience working in the NICU with premature babies. In particular, those with Brady and respiratory problems

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What Services Does A Newborn Care Specialist Provide?

A Newborn Care Specialist has a wealth of information and teaching skills, including infant feeding and sleep patterns. A Newborn Care Specialist helps parents identify potential problems for their newborn and presents options for resolution. A Newborn Care Specialist facilitates breastfeeding for the new mother, understands the ‘postpartum phase' of pregnancy and can support a mother in sorting out ‘real' from ‘imagined' worries about her baby. A Newborn Care Specialist provides comfort and reassurance to  first-time parents–allowing the parents to learn about their baby through the important first weeks of their newborn's life.

She also:-

  • Is attentive, focused and alert in caring for the baby

  • Promotes a smooth transition from pregnancy to ‘new family' lifestyle

  • Teach you to change diapers, bathe and feed the baby, or do it all for you

  • Communicates about the baby's daily and/or nightly routines including feeding, sleep and behavior patterns

  • Educates and teaches parents to understand their newborn in terms of his or her development and idiosyncrasies

  • Sponge and tub bath

  • Understands the newborn's needs and care routines

  • Get up for nighttime feedings while the new mother gets her much needed rest

  • Burping techniques

  • Lactation support to breastfeeding mothers

  • Bottle preparation & cleaning

  • Comfort measures of swaddling & rocking

  • Umbilical and circumcision care

  • Baby Nurses are generally not responsible for household duties unrelated to the new baby or for the care of other children in the household

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What is the typical work schedule for a Newborn Care Specialist?

  • 24/7 with 4 hours downtime per day for a minimum of two weeks.
  • New York City only we also provide 12-hour shifts.

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How long do the Newborn Care Specialist stay with us?

For a minimum of two weeks or a maximum of 3 months depending on the needs of the client.

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How do I go about retaining the services of a Newborn Care Specialist?

You can contact us by telephone or by email, go to the link CONTACT US on the MAIN MENU.

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Do you have Newborn Care Specialists that are experienced with multiple births?

Yes. Twins and Triplets.

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When should I begin a Newborn Care Specialist search?

At least 3/4 months before the birth of the baby.

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What are the Clients Responsibilities?

  • Travel expenses outside of NYC
  • Adequate accommodation
  • Meals

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What are our rates?

Our rates depend on the type of service and your location.

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Do I have to make a deposit?

A DEPOSIT OF $200.00 is required to hold your date.

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Are nurses available to travel?


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Is this an Agency?


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If you have any further questions please call 1.347.673.BABY (2229)





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