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Consuelo Sorzano CEO






She took care of our first child
and we could not wait to have her back to care for our second....

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Professional Baby Nurse Services (We Specialize in Newborn Care) Servicing Clients In The United States

Company Overview

Establishing a network of qualified nurses to care for newborns, with professionalism being the hallmark of our work. Apart from having the knowledge, our nurses must love what they do. All our nurses have calm, reassuring and pleasant demeanors. It is important for us to understand the needs of both parents as well as other siblings. We liaise with other organizations in the baby business to give expectant parents the resources they need.


To establish a network of qualified nurses to provide care for newborns in the confines of the clients’ homes. To always be well informed with regard to new methods and/or regulations pertaining to the business of baby nursing.

General Information

All of our nurses understand that first time parents, as well as new parents with other young children, can become overwhelmed when a new baby comes home. 'The Baby Nurse - Where Babies Are Our Business' is here to reassure parents and can be trusted without doubt or fear.

All nurses are thoroughly screened before being brought on board and are all Certified Baby Nurses, CPR and First Aid trained. Each shares the belief that it is an honor and a privilege to have parents entrust their precious babies to their care.